A Typical Day with Lights Camera Interaction


Main Session Room – 9:00am

• Hollywood comes to your meeting.

• As you begin your Lights Camera Interaction Day, your employee teams are introduced to their professional facilitators, all of whom have years of experience in the movie and film industry. Your attendees will soon see the similarities between the way your organization works toward a common goal, and the way actual movie crews and production teams do the same. Then you’ll get your assignment: produce a 60-second commercial for your company—within specifically defined parameters—that will be judged at the end of the day by the entire audience, with the winning team receiving special Academy Awards. And then sit back and watch as the creative juices start to flow!


Breakout Rooms – 9:30am

• Get Ready.

• Individual film teams of 12-15 attendees leave the main ballroom for the breakout areas, and specific duties are assigned. Directors, script writers, cameramen, wardrobe, sound technicians…all the parts that make up a winning crew are now represented on each team.


Your Location – 10:00am

• Production.

• For the next 3 hours, your team, with the input and assistance of 2 LCI facilitators, will get creative and film your 60-second commercial. Extensive props and wardrobe will be provided. You may even elect to have us build you a customized “set”. Some teams will film on the golf course; others in the lobby or by the pool. Still others may travel off-property for the perfect shot. Your LCI editor will be with you every step of the way, taking cues from your team to cut the perfect finished product.


Main Session Room – 1:00pm

• Premiere.

• Your film crews rejoin for lunch as the LCI editors put the finishing touches (music, special effects and more) on your commercial. After lunch, attendees vote for the best (and typically the most hilarious) commercial – and get rewarded for their efforts. And just to ensure that this is the most memorable Teambuilding program you’ll ever encounter, individual DVD’s of every Lights Camera Interaction commercial will be available for each attendee at the conclusion of your conference.